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Family Law Firm Houston TX

Le Law Group: Legal Expertise For Complex Family Law Issues

Every family has issues and dealing with all such complicacies and problems sometimes can be hectic and mind-numbering! Right from divorce to child custody, from property division to will sanction, from alimony claims to matter settlement; there are various phases a legal family matter goes through and by hiring an experienced family attorney, you can make all these complexities quicker, effortless, unperturbed, and more manageable!. 

Whenever you deal with physical, emotional, and mental stressful issues in your life which needs legal aid; it is always vital to consult a Family Law Firm Houston TX who could help you in gathering information and claiming it through right ways. We at Le Law Group are backed by a team of skilled and experienced lawyers who specialize in family laws and can ensure your victory in any of your legal matters.

Benefits Of Hiring Family Law Attorney Houston

There are a number of advantages to hiring a knowledgeable family lawyer. He/she not only takes care of all your communication with the opposite or 3rd party but also makes you assured about the proper execution and implementation of your legal court pleadings. Below are some more advantages of hiring a Family Law Attorney Houston.

  • In-depth knowledge of family laws, rules, and regulations
  • Better idea on procedural issues and judicial procedures
  • He/she can lower the risks of high stakes
  • Impartial and fair presentation of your legal matters
  • Gives you both emotional and legal support
  • Offers you required counselling

We Assure Your Comprehensive Service!

We at Le Law Group understand that family matters and legal issues can be stressful, hectic, time-consuming, and emotionally hurtful and thus we’re here to counsel, support, and guide you through the entire process. Right from advising you on your matters to offering you proper proceedings, from ensuring you better and affordable alternatives to finding ways for collaborative law and mediation, we are dedicated and committed to offering you possible approaches to win the case. For more than decades, we’ve been assisting clients with the legal services that are transparent, specialized, affordable, and legally approved!

We Make Things Easier & Unperturbed

From complicated divorce to claiming parenting responsibilities, from modifications in property wills to appealing for alimony, we have solutions for all the unique circumstances that a family law case can involve. We have specially developed a course of action for the family matters which are explicitly designed to address the ever- changing needs of clients. Our Family Law Firm Houston TX offers a range of specific legal approaches to solve family matters and marital disputes following right track.

Let Us Guide You!

Let our experienced Family Law Attorneys Houston guide you with all your family issues and legal matters. Just give us a call on (832) 559-0923, book your legal consultation session, we will be there to hear you, to analyze your problems, and give you solutions that are legally profitable and favourable for you. For more details, you can browse our website https://lelawtx.com/!

Family Law Q&A

How long must I live in Texas before I can file for divorce?

Generally, you must be domiciled in Texas for six months before the suit is filed and be a resident of the county for the past 90 days.

How will I support myself after a divorce when my spouse was the primary income earner?
How do I fight for sole custody of my children?
What should be included in a prenuptial agreement?
What is a divorce going to cost me? Can I afford it?
What forms do I need to file for a divorce in Texas?
What do I need to do to enforce a child support order?
Is Same-Sex Marriage Legal in Texas?
Can I file for a divorce on my own?
If my spouse cheated on me, can I take all of the community property?
Can I still get a Divorce if my spouse does not want a divorce?
What are the grounds for divorce?

Ms. Natalie and her team helped my family in a tremendous way.

"I was seeking a lawyer in regards to parental custody of my son. As a man I was doubtful of a favorable outcome. Surprisingly, after my consultation with Ms. Natalie Le, Le Law Group PLLC. I was confident of a realistic outcome.

Ms. Natalie shared her knowledge and applied it accordingly. Not only is she knowledgeable she's also personable; taking my request and preparing a course of action, explaining our approach, and lastly presenting my case.

Ms. Natalie and her team helped my family in a tremendous way. I am sincerely grateful for all efforts put forward in my case."

Expanded Services

Defense Attorneys must be knowledgeable of the law. The Le Law Group practices, in the following areas:  Intoxication, including DWI, Robbery, Theft, all Assaults, Homicides, Specialty crimes, including tax evasion and other white-collar crimes, and more. We also represent clients in federal and correlative civil matters that include due process and equal rights. Our Attorneys have over twenty years of criminal defense experience practicing in Texas and federal courts.





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